Islam & the curriculum

Citizenship and Muslim perspectives ~ teachers sharing ideas Islamic Relief with Tide~, 2003 £5

Handbook for teachers to explore Muslim perspectives on citizenship and share ideas for preparing young people of all faiths and cultures to understand an increasingly divided world.

Teaching About Islam and Muslims in the Public School Classroom 

Information from the US-based Institute on Religion and Civic Values on beliefs and practices of Muslims, including glossary of terms, charts and graphics, and a section on sensitivity regarding Muslim students. Useful for the UK context.

Using Film to Teach Languages: A teachers’ toolkit for educators wanting to teach languages using film in the classroom, with a particular focus on Arabic, Mandarin, Italian and Urdu Cornerhouse, 2010 KS4, IB Middle & Diploma

An innovative handbook which reinforces the value of film education generally, and as a tool to explore language and culture within the demands of the secondary curriculum.