Geography and History


1001 Inventions
has a portal of documentaries produced by the BBC and other commercial TV companies that explore the history of Islam and its impact on the West. A fantastic resource.

A new map of the whole world with the trade winds according to ye latest and most exact observations by Herman Moll, 1719
A beautiful and fascinating map that is useful to explore 18th century European expansion into the Indian Ocean and beyond. High resolution download courtesy of Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division.

Exploring Banglatown and the Bengali East End, Tower Hamlets
A guided walk around Spitalfield's streets offer a fascinating insight into the British Bengali community’s significant contribution to contemporary UK culture, from music and food, to politics and architecture.

Britain's Muslim Soldiers 
The Shared History project encourages young people to understand the shared experience of Britain's ethnic groups in fighting together in the First and Second World Wars.

The East India Company 
Website developed by the Battle of Plassey Young People's Project to undertake research and write a book on the London Heritage of the East India Company and the city's historical links with Bengal.

Fordham University’s Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts for educational use. The section on Islam is a goldmine for serious historical research. KS4+, IB Diploma, adult

Great British Islam KS3, IB Middle & Diploma, adult
Very good 45 min Channel 4 documentary, presented by Anila Baig as part of the Hidden Civilisations series, that traces the part Muslims have played in the creation of modern Britain. 

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History KS4+, IB Diploma
A superb chronological, geographical and thematic exploration of the history of art from around the world, as illustrated by the collection of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Islamic History of Britain timeline is a good introduction to this largely hidden story. 

Institute on Religion and Civic Values 
Aims to increase understanding, mutual respect and cooperation between people of all faiths and none. Produces excellent lesson plans on the role of religion in world history. Although these are designed specifically for the US curriculum they include material that can easily be adapted for the UK. KS4+, IB Diploma 

Guidelines for Lesson Plan Authors teachers

Extremely useful guidelines to help educators teach about Islam and Muslim history.

IRCV teaching resources KS4+, IB Middle & Diploma

Journey Along the Silk Road 
Highly innovative programme of study that brings together history, geography, religion, art and economics to create a journal of a traveler making their way along the great silk route from China to the al-Khalili market in Cairo. Can be linked to work on Ibn Battuta, the 14th century Moroccan who wrote about his 75,000 mile journey around much of the known world.

Artistic Exchange: Europe and the Islamic World 
Although this resource looks specifically at items from Washington's National Gallery of Art that illustrate the rich and varied influence of the Islamic world on European art, it is relevant to other collections. 

The Transfer of Classical Knowledge Before the Renaissance
Teacher's notes and background reading which show the contribution of Islamic scholars to rescuing the classic texts of Greek and Roman learning and then using them to push forward the frontiers of knowledge that provided the bedrock for the European Renaissance.

Beyond A Thousand and One Nights: A Sampler of Literature from Muslim Civilization
A collection of primary source material taken from the writings of Muslim scholars on poetry, science and history. This collection is the perfect resource for any educator who wants to give their students an authentic introduction to the scope and variety of Muslim scholarship through the centuries.

The Emergence of Renaissance: Cultural Interactions Between Europeans & Muslims
A diverse collection of resources that covers commerce and travel, education and scholarship, science and technology, visual arts. Ideal for lesson preparation, in-depth exploration of history in cooperative learning settings, and for student reading and classroom activities.

Images of the Orient: 19th Century European Travellers to Muslim Lands
Primary materials which give an insight into the experiences of Europeans traveling to distant lands and their influence on the perception of Islam and Muslims.

Muslim Women Through the Centuries
A collection of primary sources on the rights of women granted under Islam and the diversity of women's roles.

The Crusades From Medieval European and Muslim Perspectives
Primary sources that examine the cultural interactions that took place during the Crusades.

Jewel of Muscat KS3-4+, IB Middle & Diploma
The Jewel of Muscat is a faithful reconstruction of a 9th century Arabian trading ship that sailed the maritime silk road during Islam's great age of science and discovery. The education section has games, information, questionnaires, activity sheets and lesson plans suitable for History, Geography and Science and Technology. 

Loot: in search of the East India Company, the world’s first transnational corporation Nick Robins
Article that charts the growth of the Company that grew to rule a fifth of the world's population, and the resonance this has for today’s globalisation agenda, especially its ability to manipulate and bring down governments.

Mapping the Global Muslim Population: A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World's Muslim Population The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, 2009 KS4, IB Diploma, teachers
The report offers the most up-to-date and fully sourced estimates of the size and distribution of the worldwide Muslim population. Useful for activities on data presentation and analysis. 

The Muslim Pound - How Muslims Add Value to Britain's Prosperity, Muslim Council of Britain 2013 Published to coincide with the World Islamic Economic Forum coming to London – the first city to host the prestigious event outside the Muslim world - this report attempts to quantify the Muslim contribution to the UK economy. From donations to charities to Islamic finance and job creation, it provides a valuable analysis of how Britain’s 2.78 Muslims help sustain prosperity.

Muslim Tommies: What does the First World War reveal about attitudes towards Muslim soldiers who fought for Britain? Historical Association KS3, IB Middle

This history scheme of work is designed to follow on from a general focus on the First World War, probably in Year 9 and looks in depth at the little known history of Muslims who fought for the UK between 1914–1918. The scheme makes use of recently researched sources such as the censored letters of Indian Muslim soldiers serving on the Western Front and photographs showing white Muslim converts who also fought for Britain.

The Muslim Tommies Part 2 & Part 3

Portcities UK KS3-4+, IB Middle & Diploma
Discover the maritime histories of UK port cities – Bristol, Hartlepool, Liverpool, London and Southampton – where the first Muslim communities developed.

Tales of Three Generations of Bengalis in Britain, Swadinata Trust, 2006
An oral history project book that explores three generations’ experience of being Bengali in multicultural Britain, focusing on three themes: roots and memory, community creativity and popular culture: between tradition and innovation.

Traders: the East India Company & Asia KS3-4+, IB Middle & Diploma
Very good online galleries that explore the history of the COmpany's involvement with Asia and the consequences for our lives today. Complements the National Maritime Museum's excellent new permanent gallery. 

Trading Places: the East India Company & Asia 1600-1834 KS3-4+, IB Middle & Diploma
Imagine an England without tea in china cups, without pepper, chintz or chutney; imagine an India without cricket or gin and tonic, a world without Bombay or Singapore.
Find out more about the East India Company and its effects on life in Asia and Britain, including the arrival of Muslim settlers. An excellent online exhibition produced by the British Library.