A Minority Within A Minority: a report on converts to Islam in the United Kingdom MA Kevin Brice Faith Matters, 2010
Report that estimates that there were 100,000 converts to Islam living in Britain in 2010. It also surveys their attitudes and some of the problems they face, especially negative reporting in the media.

Images of Islam in the UK: The Representation of British Muslims in the National Print News Media 2000-2008 Cardiff School of Journalism, 2008 KS4+, IB Diploma, adult, teachers
Commissioned by Channel 4, the report studied print and visual media, analysing the context and language used to refer to Islam and Muslims in news and other stories in the UK. It reveals the pervasiveness of prejudice against Muslims used to compound representations of Islam as dangerous, archaic or irrational. The report highlights the frequency with which coverage on Muslims is conflated with news dealing with security issues and terrorism. 
It also found that the volume of stories focussing on cultural and religious differences exceeded the volume of stories on terrorism for the first time – suggesting that news coverage is focusing on the alleged incompatibility of Islam with dominant British values.

INSTED The Insted Consultancy works on equality and diversity in education. Their website includes a range of papers and reports on Islamophobia.

Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All Runnymede Trust, 1997 adult, teachers
This report provides a fuller explanation of Islamophobia and its consequences throughout society, and sets out recommendations for practical action by government, teachers, lawyers, journalists and by religious and community leaders.

Islamophobia: Issues, Challenges, and Action Runnymede Trust, 2004 adult, teachers
Post 9/11 and Iraq War follow up to 1997 report.

Islamophobia Education Pack Show Racism the Red Card, 2008 KS2-4+, IB Middle & Diploma, adult
Education pack with activities designed to help young people challenge stereotypes and prejudice towards Muslims and gain a greater historical and political awareness of the climate which has enabled Islamophobia to flourish in recent times. They tie in closely with the Citizenship and PSHE curriculum, but could also be incorporated into English, RE, ICT and History. An accompanying DVD features the views of many top football players and young people discussing their experiences of and views on Islamophobia. Additional resources are available, including the DVD 'A Safe Place' which aims to combat racism against asylum seekers.

Islamophobia Watch 
Website documenting anti-Muslim bigotry.

Islamophobia for Dummiez  Series of videos from American comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert who take funny and satirical look at the debate surrounding building of Mosque at Ground Zero area.

Reports of anti-Muslim backlash that followed murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich. Useful for project work of the impact of media reporting.

Map: Post Woolwich attacks Map of anti-Muslim oriented attacks, graffiti and other incidents, which followed killing in Woolwich.

Muslims in Britain Humayun Ansari, Minority Rights Group International, 2002
Very good report that looks at the situation of Muslims in Britain from a human rights perspective.

Muslims in Britain, background paper Shoaib Mohammad Sultan, European Council of Religious Leaders, 2007
Excellent paper that provides the background and context required to engage in a meaningful dialogue on the challenges facing the multicultural British society. Includes key defining moments for British Muslims, from the publication of Satanic Verses in 1988 to Jack Straw’s comments about wearing of the hijab. 

Peter Oborne and James Jones Muslims Under Siege: Alienating Vulnerable Communities Channel 4, 2008 KS4+, IB Diploma, adult, teachers
Pamphlet to accompany Channel 4’s documentary It Shouldn’t Happen to a Muslim. Clearly argued, it provides ample evidence of how the media fuels Islamophobia. Recommended.

Tell Mama Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (MAMA) is a portal that allows people to report any form of anti-Muslim abuse. Incidents are recorded and analysed, and the victims and witnesses affected receive support.