Behind the Name
Website that gives the origin and history of first names from many cultures. Useful as a group ice-breaker.

Muslim lifestyle magazine with a strong ethical outlook that aims to promote a positive and confident message about the Muslim communities in the UK and beyond. 

Heavy Metal Islam
Stereotype-busting resources for further information about heavy metal, hiphop and other forms of extreme music in the Muslim world, including video clips. Some swear words on YouTube clip.

Re-dressing the Veil
Victoria Cattoni’s new media art project uses digital photos and video to explore perceptions of Islam through attitudes to wearing the hijab from women who do not wear it.

Burka Avenger is an interesting example of a Pakistani cartoon character that fights the challenges of female education and empowerment. Has subtitles and is suitable for younger children (10-12 years old).


Million’s Poets

YouTube clips from The Million’s Poet reality TV show from the United Arab Emirates – an Arab Britain’s Got Talent where poetry is the medium that can earn contestants huge prizes. Useful for showing similarities (and differences in popular culture) including unveiled women poets.