100 Images of Migration Migration Museum KS2-4
Although labelled as a primary resource these activities to explore children's own family migration stories can easily be adapted for secondary pupils. Two of the real-life case studies involve Muslim children from Pakistan and Somalia.

Bangla Stories Runneymede Trust KS3-4, IB Middle & Diploma
The personal stories of eight people who left Bengal after independence in 1947 and eventually settled in Britain is used to explore a rich and complex history of movement and change, of separations and reunions, incredible journeys, tales of the past and present, and hopes for the future. The site has excellent background material on the history of Bangladesh and advice on conducting oral history projects. The associated teaching pack is mainly focused on KS3 English but also provides a cross-curriculum experience linking Citizenship, History, Geography and PSHE, and can be adapted for older pupils.

The Lascar Silsila Productions, 2010 KS3-4, IB Middle & Diploma, adult
A resource that explores the heritage of lascars – seamen who sailed on British ships for 400 years and formed the first Muslim communities in Britain's docklands. Includes a short radio play on an audio CD with an accompanying activity pack, produced on a CD ROM.

Migration Museum Project 
The project is at an early stage but promises to be a useful resource for teachers.

Positive Images British Red Cross, 2010 KS3-4, IB Middle & Diploma, adult
The Positive Images toolkit is an educational resource for teachers, youth workers and other educators that can be used to teach young people, aged 12 and over, about migration and development. The toolkit includes lesson plans, games, videos and interactive activities and aims to support young people understand migration, the Millennium Development Goals and feel empowered to take action to support vulnerable migrants.

The toolkit is based around five themes: why people migrate, who migrants are, migration patterns and migrant journeys, positive images and youth action. Extension activities allow educators to explore each topic further and educator tips help guide delivery. Ideas for youth action supported by real life case studies are linked to each theme. 

UK migration controversies: A simple guide Royal Geographical Society KS4+, IB Diploma, adult
Overview of the current state of research evidence on migration and its impacts on UK economy and society to help non-experts better understand some of the debates in this complex and politically sensitive area. Useful background preparation for teachers or A level students.