Music and performing arts

Akram Khan
 is an award winning dancer and choreographer who fuses classical Kathak and modern dance.

Musician Yusuf Islam (the former Cat Stevens) embraced Islam in 1977. In 2006 he released his first album in almost 30 years and is using his music to communicate about the need for change and the dangers of climate change.

Muneera Rashida and Sukina Abdul Noor, London-based female hip-hop duo Poetic Pilgrimage are of African-Caribbean background and converted to Islam in 2005.

Sami Yusuf (born in Tehran, Iran) releases his debut album Al-Mu’allim to critical and popular success that has propelled him to being hailed as ‘Islam’s biggest rock star’. He is involved in humanitarian initiatives supporting Islamic Relief and Save the Children.

Mark Levine Heavy Metal Islam: rock, resistance and the struggle for the soul of Islam Three Rivers Press 2008

Exploration of the influence of western rock music on youth culture in the Middle East and North Africa. Interviews with musicians and fans reveal how young people reconcile their religion with a desire for change.

Resources for further information about heavy metal, hiphop and other forms of extreme music in the Muslim world, including video clips. Some swear words in subtitles.




















Million’s Poets

YouTube clips from The Million’s Poet reality TV show from the United Arab Emirates – an Arab Britain’s Got Talent where poetry is the medium that can earn contestants huge prizes. Useful for showing similarities (and differences in popular culture) including unveiled women poets.