The Alliance of Religions and Conservation helps religious faiths to develop environmental programmes that build on their traditional values.

The Art of Integration: Islam in our green and pleasant land Peter Sanders Awakening Publications 2008
Beautiful coffee table book that portrays the lives of some of Britain's 1.45 million Muslims – physicians, scholars, writers, teachers, calligraphers, rock and folk-rock icons, a city councillor, award-winning architect, publisher, sculptor, graffiti artist, cosmetician, police constable, fashion designer, driver, Etonians, Oxbridgians, and many others. Should be in all school libraries. 

The Muslim 7-Year Action Plan To Deal with Global Climate Change includes greening Medina, and setting up an eco-labelling scheme.

BBC KS3-4, IB Middle & Diploma

Part of its thread on world religions this website provides very clear background information about Islam, from arts and culture through beliefs to ethics and rituals. Could be used for student research.

Exploring Islam Foundation 

Challenges damaging stereotypes about Islam through the medium of creative resources – from traditional print media to innovative e-media. Its projects include the Inspired by Muhammad and Missing Pages campaigns. 


Faith Matters  Aims to reduce extremism and interfaith and intra-faith tensions. Projects include Building Our Futures 2Gether which aims to build bridge between the UK armed forces and faith communities following the killing of Lee Rigby. Faith Matters publishes useful research reports.

Inspired by KS3-4+, IB Middle & Diploma, adult

Excellent site that explores the inspirational teachings of the Prophet. Video clips of British Muslims who draw strength from their faith to deal with contemporary issues – women's rights, social justice, environment, charity, education, health, animal welfare, human rights, coexistence – provide a powerful antidote to negative stereotypes of Islam.

Islam: central beliefs and practices KS3

A Powerpoint that provides a basic introduction to Islam that could be used in an assembly. Produced by Islamic Relief and One World Week. 

Islam: Empire of Faith KS4+, IB Diploma, adult

Set of educational resources that accompany the documentary film, including an excellent timeline. Although written with the US curriculum in mind the activities are well thought out and combine research and creative work. Themes include:
An Introduction to Islam and Muhammad
The Fascinating World of Islam
Creating a Textile Museum Piece from the Islamic Empire
Great Thinkers and Accomplishments of Islam Fact Cubes
Renaissance Man Comparison Poster

Islamic Relief

Aims to alleviate suffering, hunger, illiteracy and diseases worldwide through emergency relief and development project. It is a good example of one of the five pillars of Islam – 'zakat', the duty of all Muslims who are wealthy enough to purify their wealth through charity.

It's development education programme raises awareness of the root causes of poverty and explores the humanitarian message of Islam in the context of international development. Teaching resources include:

Environment and Islam summary paper KS4, IB Diploma, adult

Water KS2-4+, IB Middle & Diploma, adult

Muslim Action Guide on unfair trade rules KS3-4, IB Middle & Diploma, adult

Debt and Islam KS4, IB Diploma, adult
Sets of posters on the Millennium Development Goals and Islamic Relief's work.KS2-4+, IB Middle & Diploma, adult

Islam and Fairtrade
Guide that explains fairtrade from a Muslim perspective and tips on becoming a fairtrade mosque or school.

Help! We’ve got a serious problem here! KS3, IB Middle
This booklet uses data from a real-life disaster and challenge students to analyse the problems and try to arrive at some solutions, employing skills in research, investigation and critical analysis.

Building Lives KS2-lowerKS3

This pack focuses on the work of faith-based development agencies such as Islamic Relief. Comes with pre-designed activities, including its support for people in Indonesia following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, and can be used to teach RE, Geography and Citizenship.

The Islam Project KS3-4, IB Middle & Diploma, adult

US multimedia project to help schools, communities and individuals to understand the nature of Islam, its role in the world and America's rich multicultural fabric. Using two documentary films, Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet and Muslims, and associated educational resources it attempts to present the diversity of Muslim communities around the world and the different ways Muslims live their faith. The Facilitators Guide include ideas for screening the films that are of more general interest.

Islamic Society of Britain  The ISB aims to evolve a uniquely British flavour of Islam, promote greater understanding and awareness of Islam and encourage Muslim communities to contribute to British society and the support social justice. It initiated Islam Awareness Week to counter misconceptions surrounding Britain's second largest faith group and the website Plain Islam to provide 'bite-size' and 'in-depth' information about Islam and Muslims.

Make me a Muslim An estimated 5-10,000 Britons convert to Islam every year. This BBC documentary explores the motivation of several women converts.

MEND (Muslim Engagement & Development) supports the active engagement of British Muslim communities in national life, particularly in the fields of politics and the media.

Missing Pages KS3-4, IB Middle & Diploma, adult

An Exploring Islam Foundation project to reveal the largely unknown accounts of solidarity between Muslims and Jews. The stories of Albanian Muslims who sheltered Jews during the Holocaust illustrate the shared beliefs that underpinned the coexistence that was a feature of Muslim lands for most of history.

Muslim Agency for Development Education   MADE in Europe is a Muslim-led movement of young people who want to see their community leading the fight against global poverty and injustice. Their campaigns and education work is rooted in the Islamic traditions of social action, justice and environmental stewardship. Very useful for exploring the similarities between the values of Islam and Christianity. 

Muslim Jesus  Jesus is mentioned in the Quran 154 times. This ITV documentary explores the significance of Jesus to Islam.

Ride4Peace  A 7-day charity cycle ride from Glasgow to London that visits 10 Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Mosques. One of the purposes is raising money for Humanity First and the British Heart Foundation. A good example of how the Muslim value of charity can take a modern form.

The Virtual Classroom KS3-4, IB Middle

Interactive site that helps pupils learn about Islam in a fun and exciting way. Includes the contributions of Muslim heritage, science and culture to modern day life.